Hepatitis C is a silent liver disease that may lead to Cirrhosis and/or Liver Cancer.

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1. Had blood transfusion or organ transplant before 1995 *
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6. Have you tested positive for HIV infection *
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11. Shared razors or nail clippers together with others (Barbershop/Nail Salon setting) *

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To continue, you will be asked to disclose personal information, including medical information or history, for the benefit of research and testing for hepatitis B and C. We will not disclose information obtained from you to third parties. Except for disclosure only to the relevant personnel.

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Doctors are the best people to guide you. The information provided in this document does not replace your doctor's medical advice. Consult your physician or qualified health care provider if you have questions about your medical condition.

      The form must be completed before the Hepatitis B or C screening is performed.
      If you experience any of these risk factors, please be tested for hepatitis B or C.
      Recommended tests on risk factors and does not mean that people are infected.